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<<scion>> is a roleplay based Free Company located on Ultros! We strive to create an environment that fosters creative, collaborative interactions and give our members, friends, and guests a place to explore their characters and get involved in various plot lines. We are open to both original characters and FFXIV based NPCs.We allow long and short form style roleplay in our FC chat, linkshells, in-game spaces, and discord community. Whatever your style, speed, and engagement is, it is welcome here.Interested? Get in touch!

Canon Threads

This page is for current FC-wide main plotlines, to help new and current members get acclimated with ongoing plots. Adhering to these plotlines is not a requirement, but participation is encouraged!

Scions and WoLs

The worldstate we have been playing in as a Free Company for the Scions is relatively canon compliant, and flexible to suit both player ideas and stories, as well as adapt to updated information that we get from the canon with each patch. More specific details on where players of NPCs have diverged from canon can be found in the descriptions for certain NPCs on our characters page.The most prominent difference is that we try to keep the role of Warrior of Light relatively loose, in that generally the Scions recognize the Warriors of Light, multiple, as a collection of heroes they can call upon as needed.


Presently, in the worldstate we've been playing in as a Free Company, there exists a complex and currently living incarnation of Elidibus. Following his defeat on the First and subsequent entrapment in the Crystal Tower, the dreaming soul of Elidibus lying within unconsciously tapped into the same abilities he'd used before to emerge from the heart of Zodiark, once again caught up in the fervent desire to help his people. A humanoid primal was created using some of the extensive amount of energy stored in the Tower, and, with it, were conjured shades of each Convocation member, from the memory crystals Elidibus had been entrusted with. His memories fragmented due to the real Elidibus' defeated and slumbering state, the primal set forth to find the scattered shades and, in some cases, remaining sundered versions, of each of the Convocation, that together they might fulfill his dream to bring back the world he loved so dearly. The world his beloved Azem, Apollo, had loved so dearly.The efforts were slow going, with the primal Elidibus' mind and memories fluctuating, he was too unstable to make any significant progress. Offered aid by a loyal underling, the shade of Emet-Selch kept a close eye on the erratic being, trying to mitigate the risk of being found out by the wider world, since the Scions now thought them all defeated. During this time, too, it was discerned that all of the summoned shades were possessed of souls, all of them all the while unaware they were little more than copies of their true selves.[Endwalker spoilers ahead]
When the Warrior of Light woke the slumbering soul of Elidibus within the Tower to inquire about Elpis, Elidibus came to realize what he had done. Using every last bit of himself left within the Tower, Elidibus willed what was left of his soul instead be taken with the Warrior of Light, unknowingly, back to the Source, so he could place himself within the rogue primal. He hoped to be able to make right the now wayward lives his creations found themselves in, and sought for himself an opportunity to finally live a life among the peers he missed so dearly.


prompts and ideas for interactions

Character Guidelines

  • Keep lore-compliance in mind when designing and playing your character. We are very flexible on this, but lore does help keep everyone on the same page when it comes to playing in the space. We treat the world sort of like a TTRPG setting--the fictional space is here for you to have fun with but still has Ways Things Work.

  • You are welcome to play an antagonist! We think conflict is an important factor of making fiction interesting. This does mean not everyone is going to agree with your character, and that's fine.

  • Multiples of the same NPC are allowed, but if there get to be too many it can become confusing and limits may, in the future, need to be imposed.

  • You are welcome to bring your Warrior of Light to the space! Keep in mind this means there will be overlap of headcanons and plotlines, so things may have to get handwaved here and there in the interest of collaboration.

  • Having a carrd or similar character sheet is not required, but definitely encouraged. Knowing how your character's story goes can help others collaborate and create interesting plots with you.

  • NPCwol ships are allowed! This may mean there is overlap with others' ships. There is room for every pairing in our setting, so be considerate of each other. That being said, our NPC players are not under obligation to play along if they do not wish to, as their personal autonomy is entirely valid.


  • Be kind and courteous to your fellow players

  • Try to resolve interpersonal conflicts between yourselves before involving an officer. Honest and open communication is key!

  • Keep personal details and real life drama to a minimum in free company chat. We don't mind hearing about your day, and we are here to support each other, but excessive venting can bring too much negativity to the space.

  • We are an openly LGBT and women friendly space, if your views conflict with this it is best you seek RP elsewhere.

  • Use parentheses (like so) in FC chat and associated linkshells to indicate out of character chatter.

  • Everyone plays the game at different levels. Since we are a casual play group, unprompted criticism of others' skill level and playstyle is discouraged. If your fellow players are struggling and ask for aid, advice is of course welcome! But keep things polite and constructive.

  • Be mindful of the topics you introduce in roleplays with other players. While we do not explicitly ban any topics in the fiction, checking in with each other to make sure all participants are comfortable with difficult topics is recommended. Everyone's safety and comfort is a priority.

  • Ships and plotlines should be discussed between players beforehand so that boundaries can be communicated and respected.

  • If you are experiencing Bleed from your character's feelings and interactions, do not take these feelings out on other players. You and the others around you are NOT your characters, and in-character statements and behaviors do not reflect the real person on the other side.

  • We require all members to be 21+. Language and adult themes are allowed.

Original Characters

ANcients and Azems

  • Azem Apollo

  • Azem Psyche

  • Azem Thalia

  • Thanatos Corvus

  • Eros Lyra

  • Nemesis Azem

  • Atropos Moirai

  • Azem Aiolos


  • Uriangerr Augurelt || Together with Thancred, Urianger currently journeys throughout the realm to wherever whimsy leads, answering the call of the Warrior of Light and other parties when his expertise is needed. Since the Scions' official disbandment, the pair have taken up private residence in a small cottage within the Goblet, offered a chance ill afforded since their foray upon the First to at last pursue their mutually held feelings. ||

  • Thancredd Waters' || Together with Urianger, Thancred currently journeys throughout the realm to wherever whimsy leads, answering the call of the Warrior of Light and acting bodyguard to where his companion might be asked to travel. They protect each other, basking in their shared affection when time allows either on the road or at their shared cottage. ||

  • Elidibus Themis || After being slain and his soul trapped within the confines of the Crystal Tower, this Elidibus was so desperate to reunite with his previously forgotten companions that he manifested a primal of himself to once again walk the worlds. Using his connection to the vast stores of aether within the Tower, he then called forth shards of his brethren from the lifestream and Raised them using the memory crystals entrusted to him. ||

  • Emet Selch- || One of the shades conjured by Elidibus, he shares all of the same mannerisms and memories as the original, and is possessed of a soul, but is merely a copy. Found by Aydan Corvus who loyally rushed to his side, he and Aydan have worked hard to keep his existence a secret, but lately he has been feeling a little restless... ||

  • Laha Brea || Reconstituted by Elidibus following his return from the Tower, it is unclear even to himself if this Lahabrea is authentic. Struggling with the tempering clouding his mind, he has sequestered himself to try to better understand his new, unwanted place in the world. Unable to let go of his passion for creation, he spends his idle hours inventing and crafting.||

  • Themis Elidibus

  • Meteion Dynamis

  • Moenbryda Wilf'sunwyn

  • Zenos Yae-galvus

  • Asahi Sas-brutus

  • Hermes Protector

  • Hyth Lodaeus || The aetherial sea is nice and all, but it does get a little boring after a while... In those moments of boredom, this Hythlodaeus does /prettyplease at Emet-Selch enough that the most powerful sorcerer of all time can't help but give in and let him walk the world a bit. ||

  • Hythlodaeus Charon

  • Mitron Chastiser

  • Majestic Nabriales

  • Loghrif Transcendent

  • Alphinaud' Leveilleur

  • Alisaie' Leveilleur

  • Aymeric Borell

  • Cirina Mol'

  • Depression Hours

  • Estinien' Wyrmblood

  • Fray Myste'

  • Sidurgu Orl-

  • Gaia Eden

  • Yotsuyu Goe-brutus

  • Sadu Khatun

  • And more!

Information for
Current Members and Guests

Our FC estate is located at Empyreum Ward 3, plot 2. Members are free to use any of the facilities on site and furnish their own rooms. Guests are welcome to explore all of the public spaces and hang out!The Free Company chest is a shared space, with all unlocked pages and their contents available for all members. Spare materials, dyes, minions, mounts, and gear can be placed in and taken out as needed. The second page is designated for airship/submarine materials.


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